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My first ceramic wedding dress was a present to my mother following my own wedding in gratitude for her support. An excited response to this sculpture has lead to me building up a portfolio of ceramic dresses, figurines and cake toppers enabling me to capture various styles.

Each sculpture is hand built uniquely to your requirements. I aim to capture the clothes that are worn and a likeness to your characteristics, face, hairstyle together with flowers or any other props in the figurines and cake toppers.

The traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift is China and a ceramic wedding dress makes the ideal present for this occasion or any other anniversary. It will make the perfect gift to parents or close relatives who have helped make your day so wonderful or even as a wedding gift to the bride herself. The cake toppers are a classy way to make your wedding cake more personal and unique to you.

The dresses on this website have been sculptured in a range of clays, such as porcelain, all purpose clay and Earthstone 10 and Earthstone 20. The Earthstone clays are the most versatile and are perfect for hand building and sculpting the dresses and cake toppers. Once fired these clays are light ivory to off white in colour though they can then be coloured and glazed to your specification.

Review by Kate

Thumbnail image of Kate's dress

Having a porcelain wedding dress made wasn't something I had considered before Mel's husband told me that she was doing a replica of her wedding dress for her mom as a present. I thought it was a great idea as I had sold my wedding dress as I thought it was too beautiful to be kept in the loft.

I asked Mel to make me two; one for my mom and one for myself. I received the finished dress for my mom in time for Christmas, so it became my moms Christmas present. I was a little nervous about how appropriate it was as a Christmas present but I needn't have worried. Mom opened the box and was speechless. She recognised it to be a replica of my dress immediately and with tears in her eyes said it was absolutely beautiful.

I couldn't have been more pleased. My dress was adorned with Swarovski crystals and had a different layer of chiffon inset to the front of the skirt. Mel managed to portray every detail to perfection. Both my mom and I have perfect replicas of my stunning dress and it is something I will treasure for ever.


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